Jewellery Care

Your jewellery is one of your most cherished possessions. While we provide only the top-quality pieces, just a little bit of love and care can make it adorn you for even longer.  Just follow these simple tips to ensure that your accessories always remain shining and gorgeous. While caring for your accessories, remember not every method can be applied to every single product. 

So if you have stainless steel jewelry products, here's what you should do:

♦ Add a dab of olive oil on a soft cloth and wipe it over the accessory to keep it shining. Make sure you wipe it off with a dry cloth after to remove any oil residue 

♦ In case you want to clean the jewelry, mix some soap with warm water and dip the article in it. Rinse clean and dry off with a clean cloth 

If you are using accessories made of alloy then: 

♦ Make sure you don't wear them when you are showering, swimming, or exercising 

♦ Don't  let it come into contact with heat, perfume, or hair spray 

♦ Never clean them with toothpaste; always use only a dry piece of cloth to rub off the dust and keep it shining 

If you are styling yourself with Gold-coated products, then 

♦ Never keep them anywhere near perfume or moisturizer 

♦ Store them in the package they came in and wipe them with a dry cloth after use 

We know how much your jewelry means to you. So just keep in mind these simple care suggestions and you can keep the glam, glowing!